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Photo: John Bull

We have a great collection of over 3,000 Sunday Times Magazines from 1962 to 2023. Plus over 400 Style and Culture magazines, mostly from the 2000’s all for Sale.

When I finished at Loughborough College in 1962 I started to read The Sunday Times as my paper of choice. A quality paper, which shortly began to produce a Magazine, full of pictures, unlike the paper. I started this collection from that time as I was fascinated by the mixture of articles by real journalists. The pictures became features too, and both together were chronicling the history of the day. I went back to university in 1969 and again in 1976 and during all of those years continued to read and collect The Sunday Times magazines for both interest and study.

I have twice worked for Encyclopedia Britannica and these magazines have been light relief and a source of great interest as well, throughout the whole of my teaching career, which ended in 2004. By then I knew that I wanted to share all of these wonderful magazines and I purchased the domain name suntimes.co.uk, knowing that one day we would make it into a web site. That day has come now and I hope that many people will be happy to buy magazines from my collection. It’s a form of time travel, with our memories being jogged by wonderful pictures, and well-written material to inform and remind us of people and places that have mattered in my lifetime.

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