Sunday Times Magazines through the decades

The Sunday Times Magazine – Before February 1962, newspapers came in only two colours: black and white. Then 58 years ago, the supplement was born. The Sunday Times magazine changed everything – and ever since then has maintained a worldwide reputation for award-winning writing and photography.

Its worldwide reputation in the 1970s for photojournalism and fashion already established, it turned its attention to agenda setting investigations and lifestyle issues, creating a brand of ‘glossy-steely’ journalism.

The 1980’s were a brutal decade in which high unemployment created ever-widening social divisions but the barriers to freedom- sexual economic and political – came crashing down, most poignantly with the collapse of the Berlin wall.

Bruised – bloody, even – but unbowed. The cover of Hillary Clinton seemed to sum up the 1990’s. The decade was immersed in uncertainty: there was war in Europe, genetic engineering, BSE, and postcode health provision.

A full list of Sunday Times magazines can be found here, but for now, why not please take a trip through the decades to find that little bit of history

Sample selection of Sunday Times Magazines (click here for the full list)